Advantages of being a NxtGen volunteer

NxtGen, the name which is associated not only with event organization but also with helping many aspiring youths pursue their passion. Many juniors have contributed their time in many NxtGen events and have received training in various skills in return. Now NxtGen houses 60+ volunteers. With proper guidance these volunteers have shown extraordinary talents and dedication for pursuing the skills they are passionate about.

But what’s so special about being a NxtGen volunteer? What skills do they get to hone in here? In this blog, I am going to uncover the advantages of being a NxtGen volunteer.

Exposure to a New environment:

The first thing being a NxtGen volunteer will give you is that it pulls you away from your comfort zone. Your old habit of running the day will meet something new and exciting. Inside NxtGen you will be exposed to the assembly of core members and other volunteers who are eager to work and learn together with you. There are seven separate Departments in NxtGen and each requires unique work methods to pull off any task. So it rests entirely upon your decision of which department you wanna choose.

 Departments: Community, Event, Finance and Sales, Social Media Management, Design & Branding, Blog, Marketing, 

Learning by doing:

Universities feed us a lot of things but only to regurgitate it in question papers. And after a month of our last class, we forget even the basic knowledge. This method of spoon-feeding learning is inefficient one and last very short. A better form would be to learn by doing it by oneself. 

Learning by doing is the work ethic at NxtGen. Volunteers are given necessary sessions and guided to do the task on their own. Each one of them will be led by co-ordinators who will assign, monitor and evaluate their performance. If any volunteer misses any skill, co-ordinators are always eager to teach them. And with learning by doing, their skills are long lasting.

Listening from big personalities:

Nxtgen organizes many events as well as member events. And many big personalities are invited as speakers and guests. Being a volunteer, you are at the front seat to know what events are gonna happen and who will be gracing the event. Thus you will have the opportunity to listen to such personalities first hand and learn valuable lessons from them.

Skills in alignment with your passion:

When we are busy in the hustle of life, we nearly forget what we were passionate about. Volunteering at NxtGen can reignite your will to pursue your passion once again. From seven departments, you are free to choose any, learn the skills you prefer, practice it in real time and make a contribution to the whole event.

Future Prospects:

Once you enhance your skills in NxtGen, the boundaries of this organisation won’t be able to confine you. With refined skills in the field of your interest, you will attract those who may even provide you with great value in exchange for your talent. NxtGen is your family but it can also be a stepping stone, which will provide you with an initial boost to soar high in your career.

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